How we advertised PM Conclave (successfully) through Social Media? – Part – 1

It was a day in Denver down town and in a Barnes and Nobles when I hit a series of books on social media marketing.  As I scrambled through some of the books it turned out that it was an excellent exercise in introspection.

My thoughts went back to 19th September and 2 weeks preceding that. It was the time when we were about scratching our head on how to advertise the event. We were trying to organize the first ever get together of India based Product Managers. Indeed,  we were quite justifiably apprehensive about how we were going to get our act together and more importantly how we would be able to have around 100 product managers visiting on Sunday morning at IIM Bangalore.

On top of that our team had negligible money in our account. We were betting on a basic sponsorship to cover our networking lunch cost and we had just set up Rs. 5000 (USD 100) for marketing and advertising of the event.  There was absolutely no money for paper based advertising. After all, a set of 100 posters could have amounted to 4000 Rs.  And a single banner would have the cost of around 2000.  That was untenable to get our message around. So the question was how to get going?

Get going we did and it was an excellent exercise in our discovery of social media marketing. We eventual advertised solely through social media and what an exercise was that!  When we started we were looking for 100 potential participants and in all honestly we would have been happy with around 50 people attending the event.

However, in the end, as it turned out, we were gasping for breath as we had 400 registrations for the event for a maximum capacity of auditorium at 275. On the day of the event, we were fervently praying for at least half of the people to drop out in some way or another

As I reflect, our entire social media marketing strategy was essentially made up of three core parts.

1. Content is always the King!
2. Choose your message in simple words – Positioning is Crucial
3. Choose your marketing channel to suit your audience, or should we?


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