How we advertised PM Conclave (successfully) through Social Media? – Part – 2

Continued from Part – 1

1.  Content is always the King!

At the crux of it, a bad idea can never be marketed successfully. Value proposition needs to be defined for each of the stakeholder clearly and succinctly. When using social marketing, the challenge becomes tougher. After all, social marketing involves social approval of an idea. Not to forget, each approval or disapproval is live and either way the momentum then generated can become unstoppable.

Before conceptualizing the idea of PM Conclave, we really went out doing “customer” interviews to test the validity of idea. A few of us met and talked to senior professional in product management. We approached them and put up our plan on how we wanted to go about it. We incorporated many of their suggestions. This was not only helped in refining the “Value” but also getting the required “Buy In”. Essentially, we followed the golden rule of product management – “Success of any idea can only be tested in the marketplace”.

2. Choose your message in simple words – Positioning is Crucial

As is the case, attention span for “interesting information” is limited and if the information is not well written or communicated, the results could be negative when viewed through the prism of social marketing. A special case for social marketing is about the like-ability of the message and positive or negative association with words. An initial poor impression of the message could be fatal for the entire social marketing efforts. Remember, essentially as the approval or disapproval of the message is crowd sourced, a mob mentality is hard to stop when it develops on a social marketing channel.

In our case, we were conscious of the positioning of the event as the “event to enable networking of product managers”. Our entire effort was to channelize the efforts of various product managers operating in silos doing the same effort over the years and give it a concrete shape. We never sent out a confusing message. Whatever channel we chose, we proposed and communicate the same message. In the end, this simple message was very crucial for eventual success.

3. Choose your marketing channel to suit your audience, or should we?

Conventionally, More often than not, it is the choice of a marketing channel which determines the audience we seek. However, this conventional wisdom is turned on its head when we talk about social marketing channels. As is the case, a person can have distinct avatars on different social networking sites depending on the context. A person can be professionally active on LinkedIn, he/she can be socially active on Face book, and could be professionally/socially active on twitter as well.

In that sense, a social marketing channel is NOT exclusive, it is the process of information look up and keyword search which differs for various channels. In an obvious sense, a person would indeed be more attuned to business key words on business network sites like LinkedIn or Plaxo, while the same person would be more attuned to general key words on non-business network sites like Face book or Orkut. Finally, then there are internet email groups like Yahoo Groups, where the keyword search is more attuned to newness of information?

On the other hand, the receptivity of a person in terms of acknowledging a useful set of information points on a non conventional channel is fairly limited. The information is usually noted but not acknowledged, however the advertised information is treated as non-intrusive.

Continued in Part – 3 …


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